You probably know
more queer people than you think...
Show them your
Have your
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What is

A symbol

WELCOMING OUT is a symbol you can use to show queer people that they can come out to you without fear if they want to.

An initiative

On the whole, WELCOMING OUT is a social initiative, co-sponsored by many well-known organizations, that wants to make the symbol widely popular.

We call it your WELCOMING OUT if you proactively make your accepting attitude towards members of the LGBTIQ+ community visible to others - for example by wearing our buttons.
But is that necessary?
Unfortunately, yes, because firstly, coming out is often still associated with fear of discrimination or even hate. And secondly, your acceptance cannot be recognized without further ado...
Welcoming Out Path

What is


A good feeling - isn't that what we all want? That's what WELCOMING OUT is all about: a good feeling for you and a good feeling for the people you care about.

How does this work? Find out! On the next few pages, we'll show you exactly what WELCOMING OUT is all about. Let's go!

Sexual Orientation

Impatient? If you want to jump right to the Sexual Orientation section, it's this way.

Gender identity

Skipping content is usually not a good idea. Still want to do it? Go directly to the Gender Identity section here.


You are already a "pro" but with Inter* there are still some question marks? Then click here.

Outro (Solution)

You already want to see our solution? WELCOMING OUT is waiting for you!

Welcoming Out Illustration


Appreciation and Respect

When you use WELCOMING OUT to invite others to come out, it can still happen that a coming out totally surprises you [...]

Ask if you may ask

Whether coming out surprises you or not, you will probably have a lot of questions [...]

No third-party outing

A person has come out to you. Now you want to go out and tell more people because you know they will react positively too. That would make a lot of things easier, wouldn't it? [...]

OUT Gallery

Acceptance looks good on you! Check out our gallery and meet people who have already had their WELCOMING OUT and are showing their support for the queer community with their photos. There's a spot for you there, too. Join now!

your turn!

You want to support us, you want to read the important basics again or you want to order our free merchandise and have your own WELCOMING OUT? Then click on the respective button. Of course you can also write us a nice message.